When creating the ornamental top for a space, cornices are the perfect element to bring the wall and ceiling together providing harmony at the joint.

Using cornices as a decorative element provides different spaces with a touch of elegance and classicism while assisting to visually complete the aspect that large sizes can cause in certain areas.

Round or flat, edge band, bisque, cornice, annulet or fillet, table, casing, jamb, cove, baseboard, pilaster, neck, roll or bowtell, etc. The wide variety of shapes and finishes of our cornices make this decorative element one of the best choices to decorate a room, living room, or building and provide it with a luxurious finish.



Chair Rails


Chair rails are known in architecture as thick molding.

They were traditionally used as a decorative element on columns in Gothic architecture, although they have now become an essential element for decorating ceilings and walls.

They are sculpted by hand and demonstrate a degree of detail and perfection only possible with a craftsman, giving our chair rails the unique ability to enhance the beauty of each space in which they are installed.





Our moldings combine the best of classic art and the avant-garde of modern architecture.

These characteristics make moldings the perfect decorative element for ceilings and walls or for decorating doors and windows thanks to the great variety of finishes we offer.

Smooth or molded with all kinds of motifs and embossing with a degree of detail and perfection that only our craftsman are able to capture in each piece.

– Flat or angular such as frieze, bevel, and helix.

– Curves such as cavetto, astragal, convex, ovolo; reeding, torus.

– Made up of cyma recta or ogee and cyma reversa.

We have the perfect molding available for your project, whatever your need may be.





When covering large surfaces friezes are one of the best alternatives.

Their bas-relief decoration is hand crafted and enhances the beauty and luxury of any space where they are used.

Friezes may show a motif or detailed geometric mold with a scene that only a great craftsman can sculpt.



Special Pieces

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Columns, pilasters, capitals, bases, ornaments, etc. are commonly used in architecture as decorative elements and are the perfect complements to provide luxury, exclusivity, and the style appropriate to a wide variety of spaces.

With this we are able to endow spaces with creativity, prestige, and comfort. We are also able to transmit our attention to detail to the visitor in each element.

The perfection achieved in the production of these elements by craftsmen following completely traditional processes, allow us to practically classify the works as sculptures in which, in an almost natural fashion, history and modernity or even classicism and the avant-garde fuse together.

Among other elements our wall lamps and footlights will illuminate any space and provide it with a special charm along with the rest of its decorative elements.

We can use all of these elements along with other materials such as wood slats and products made from them in order to offer exclusive designs.